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Health Care for the Elderly

What We Offer

Elderly Care

We are well aware that senior citizens want to lead a life of dignity and respect without having to depend on the family members for their day to day needs. Ashirwad is a trusted name in the industry when it comes to elderly care. Leave your elderly care responsibilities to us as we assist your loved ones through their daily living, be it moving in and out of the bed or chair, bathing, dressing, feeding, diaper changing or attending to their toilet needs. Give them their space with our home health care assistants.

Post-Operative Care

Ashirwad provides qualified nurses to take care of your loved ones that have suffered a surgery. Post operative care needs professional assistance and hence is best left to qualified nurses. Our personal care aides are available round the clock to be of assistance to your loved ones. We are well adept to provide all kinds of post operative care. Our nurses are skilled in handling post operative care patients. Ashirwad is confident that with our able guidance post operative patients will recover soon.

Pediatric Care

Dealing with newborns and children is a challenge especially when they are ill. We offer qualified pediatric nurses to handle your little ones with care. We cater to all age groups between 0-18 years. Our highly trained nurses are experienced in tackling all your baby’s needs while you heave a sigh of relief. Our packages are suitable for those that want compassionate care for their loved ones. We understand your needs and help you make the right decision at the right time for your family.

Special Children Care

When it comes to special children care we are second to none. We offer special children care for different age categories. For children who have underlying medical condition and need continuous monitoring, we are here to help. Our nurses are available on hourly or full-time basis based on your requirement. Cut on your recurring hospital expenses by hiring our qualified and trained medical attendants and nurses.

NRI Parents Home Care

We offer aptly designed NRI home health care packages. Designed for providing continuous and rigorous health care services to elderly citizens, we aim to provide complete assistance to NRIs who have no time for their family because they don’t live close to them. Forgo your guilt by assigning the task to our NRI parents home care and heave a sigh of relief.

Mother & Child Care

We provide a host of services for new mothers and infants including special care for pre-matured babies, mother’s experiencing birth trauma, post-cesarean wound care, babies with special medical conditions or underlying medical conditions, changing dress, assist in breastfeeding and bathe the baby. Our nurses are capable of handling high risk pregnancy. We provide full-time and part-time support services. We can arrange for both medical and non-medical nurses.

Special Patients Care - Colostomy & Tracheotomy

We are committed to our job and bring our services to your home. We are aware of the fact that post operative care is not about just being comfortable but recovering as well. For this we offer encouragement and rehabilitation to ensure that our clients recover quickly and effectively. Our nurses and attendants are well trained to handle special patients that have undergone colostomy, tracheotomy, etc.

What we offer

  • Elderly Care
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Special Children Care
  • NRI Parents Home Care
  • Mother & Child Care
  • Special Patients Care